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Discussion: Trough deepens over northeast United States over the next few days causing cooler temperatures. Temperatures will be more seasonable than past few days. An occluded front moved though the area Friday leaving behind it a chance of rain for both Friday night and Saturday. Temperatures drop to their lowest on Saturday night as skies clear allowing for radiational cooling. Temperatures will get back into the upper 40s on Sunday. Clouds moving into the area late Sunday will cause temperatures to remain warmer on Sunday night. Late Sunday night brings with it a renewed chance of rain due to a low and associated cold front moving into the area. This chance of rain extends into Monday.

Friday Night


Saturday Night

Low: 39-42 F


Rain possible

Chance of Rain 40%

Precipitation 0.02 inches

Winds: NW 15-20 mph

High: 44-47 F

Partly Cloudy

Rain possible early

Chance of Rain 40%

Precipitation 0.01 inches

Winds: NW 15-20 mph

Low: 30-34 F


Winds: NW 8-15 mph


Sunday Night


High: 46-49 F

Partly Cloudy

Winds: W 5-10 mph

Low: 41-44 F


Rain Possible

Chance of Rain 40%

Precipitation 0.02 inches

Winds: SW 8-13 mph

High: 53-56 F

Mostly Cloudy

Rain likely

Chance of rain 60%

Precipitation 0.06 inches

Winds: SW 10-15 mph

Forecaster: Lara Hayne

Forecast Issued: Friday, October 17, 2014 2:00 PM EDT

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