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Discussion: Tonight we can see our omega block breaking down as a ridge builds over the northeast. This ridge will bring us warmer temperatures through this weekend and early next week before another trough moves in bringing another blast of cold air. Through this weekend we will be under mostly cloudy skies with a high chance of precipitation every day. Due to an elevation of high theta-e advection a freezing rain advisory has been issued for our area, but with the warming temperatures there wont be any significant accumulation of ice or snow throughout this weekend. Saturday night through Sunday night we will see rain and due to dew points being above freezing fog will become an issue. Monday night is when we will see the ridge move out to the East and a trough moves in bringing cold temperatures and possibly more snow.

Friday Night


Saturday Night

Low 16-21 F


Chance of wintery mix 80%

No significant accumulation

Winds: SW 7-10 mph

High: 37-42 F



Chance of wintery mix 90%


No significant accumulation


Winds: SSW 10-15 mph

Low: 36-41 F


Chance of rain 60%

Wind: SW 7-10 mph


Sunday Night


High: 43-48 F


Chance of rain 90%

Winds: S 8-12 mph

Low: 39-44 F


Chance of rain 90%

Winds: SSE 9-12 mph

High: 44-49 F


Chance of Precip. 60%

Winds: SW 18-22 mph

Forecaster: Ashley Kubera

Forecast Issued: Thursday, Nov 21, 2014 1:45 PM EST

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