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Central Michigan University

Discussion: A high pressure moves in early tomorrow clearing up skies from Thursday into Friday morning. As the high pressure moves off, low pressure will take its place and a chance for some light liquid precipitation along with it. Whether or not we see any drizzle is dependent on if the high pressure weakens as it moves away. Temperatures are expected to rise slightly on Friday as warm air advection brings some more mild temperatures into our area.

Wednesday Night


Thursday Night

Low 19-21 F

Partly Cloudy

Winds: W 7-15 mph

High: 28-30 F

Clear Skies

Winds: Calm

Low: 23-26 F

Mostly Cloudy

Wind: SSW 4-8 mph



Friday Night


High: 36-40 F

Mostly Cloudy

Chance of Precipitation 40%

Trace amounts of accumulation

Winds: S 5-9 mph

Low: 26-32 F

Mostly Cloudy

Chance of Precipitation 20%

Trace amounts of accumulation

Winds: NNW 3-10 mph

High: 32-37 F

Partly Cloudy

Winds: N 6-12 mph

Forecaster: Tim Thielke

Forecast Issued: Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014 12:00PM EST

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