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Central Michigan University

Discussion: After a cool breezy day, rain and chilly temperatures will settle in ahead of a large storm system that will move northeastward out of the southern plains. Rain will be heavy at times on Friday, and rumbles of thunder could accompany the heavier showers throughout the day. As the storm lifts out of the area on Saturday, it will usher in more seasonable cold temperatures along with gusty winds and some light snow showers. As Saturday leads into Sunday, winds will relax, and the clouds will break up some, with winds from a southerly direction bringing temperatures once again above the averages for the date.

Thursday Night


Friday Night

Low: 33-36F

Overcast Skies, Rain will begin around 9 pm, with possible Wintry Mix overnight, changing back over to rain by morning

Winds: N- NE 5-10 mph, Gusts to 15 mph

Chance Precipitation: 100%

Precipitation Total: Less than 0.5

High: 40-43F

Heavy Rain, Intermittent Storms throughout day, Main threat with Storms is Heavy Rain and Wind Gusts

Winds: ENE 10-20 mph, Gusts with Storms Possible

Chance Precipitation: 100%

Precipitation Total: 0.50 1

Low: 31-34F

Rain Showers, Some Storms Possible

Winds: ENE 5-10 mph, Shifting to SW 0-5 mph

Chance of Precipitation: 60%

Precipitation Total: Less than 0.25


Saturday Night


High: 32-36F

Overcast, Falling Temperatures throughout day, with Occasional Snow Showers Possible

Winds: W 10 -20 mph, Gusts to 30 mph

Chance of Precipitation: 40%

Snow Total: Less than 0.50

Low: 22-25F

Mostly Cloudy

Winds: W 10-15 mph, Gusts to 25 mph

High: 37-41F

Mostly Cloudy

Winds: ENE 4-9 mph

Forecaster: Heather Richards
Forecast Issued: Thursday, January 23rd, 2017; 2:00 PM EST


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