Campus Weather Forecast

Central Michigan University

Discussion: After the low pressure cold front moved through the area this morning a strong ridge with high pressure followed shortly after. Due to the stability of the atmosphere the winds throughout this week will be fairly calm and wont have enough force to move the high pressure system through until later this week. Since the high pressure system will be sustained over our area for a long period of time it will bring clear skies and a slight temperature increase through Saturday.

Monday Night


Tuesday Night

Low: 41-46F

Mostly clear

Winds: W 3-8 mph

High: 70-75F

Mostly Sunny


Winds: WNW 3-6 mph

Low: 47-52F

Mostly clear with a chance of fog

Wind: WSW 3-6 mph



Wednesday Night


High: 71-76F

Mostly sunny with chance of fog in the morning hours

Winds: SSE 1-6 mph

Low: 46-51F

Mostly clear

Winds: ESE 3-8 mph

High: 73-78F

Mostly sunny

Winds: SE 1-5 mph

Forecaster: Ashley Kubera

Forecast Issued: Monday, Sept 22, 2014 12:45 PM EDT

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