Campus Weather Forecast

Central Michigan University


Discussion: A slight chance of brief showers is possible Tuesday evening as a result of a cold front that passed Mount Pleasant on Monday night. As the week progresses, the ridge that is currently situated over Eastern Canada and the Great Plains will continue to move eastward towards Michigan.   Mount Pleasant can expect to see temperatures rising into the mid to upper 40s throughout the rest of the week as a result of this ridge.  An approaching high pressure system will also bring relatively calm conditions. 

Tuesday Night


Wednesday Night


Low: 29-34


Mostly Cloudy with a Slight Chance of brief Rain Showers


Chance of Precipitation: 20%


Winds: NW, 7-12 MPH



High: 43-48 ℉


Partly Cloudy


Winds: NW, 5-9 MPH              

Low: 26-31


Partly Cloudy


Winds: NW, 3-5 MPH


Chance of patchy frost


Thursday Night


High: 47-52 ℉


Partly Cloudy


Winds: NW turning W, 5 MPH

Low: 34-39 ℉


Mostly Cloudy


Winds: W turning SW, 0-3 MPH

High: 46-51




Winds: SW turning S,  5-9 MPH


Forecaster: Andrea Sanderson

Forecast Issued: Tuesday, October 19, 2018, 5:08 P.M. EDT


Meteorology Program at Central Michigan University  AMS Chapter at CMU