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Discussion:   Since the Polar Jet is staying to the north of Michigan, there will not be favorable conditions to create cold enough air for lake effect snow to take place Wednesday night. Thursday will have enough lift and moisture in the atmosphere to give way of the possibility of snow showers, but no significant amount of precipitation is expected. Thursday night will transition from scattered snow showers to a possibility of freezing drizzle. Friday will be a normal seasonal day for Michigan, and will give way to the possibility of snow showers (less than one inch accumulation) during the night due to another system making its way toward Michigan. Saturday will consist of snow showers in the morning with an accumulation to about an inch of snow for our area. The southern part of Michigan has a greater chance of seeing higher amounts of accumulation from this system.

Wednesday Night


Thursday Night

Low: 15-20


Partly Cloudy with clearing skies late


Winds: ENE, 0-5 mph

High: 26-31 ℉


Cloudy early, Snow showers developing later in the day


Chance of Precipitation: 25%


No significant amount of precipitation expected


Winds: SE, 5-10 mph


Low: 20-25


Mostly Cloudy, a few flurries possible


Chance of freezing drizzle late


Chance of Precipitation: 15%


Winds: W, 0-5mph


Friday Night


High: 25-30




Winds: SE, 5-10 mph


Low:  12-18 ℉


Snow Showers late


Chance of precipitation: 40%


Snow accumulations less than 1 inch


Winds: NE, 5-10 mph

High: 15-20


Snow showers mainly in the morning


Chance of Precipitation: 60%


Snow accumulations about an inch


Winds: NE, 10-15 mph

Forecaster: Nicole Sprinkles

Forecast Issued: Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 6:30 pm EST


Meteorology Program at Central Michigan University  AMS Chapter at CMU