Campus Weather Forecast

Central Michigan University

Discussion: Lake effect snow showers will affect Mount Pleasant through mid-day Saturday. This is in part due to a cold front moving through the area overnight on Friday. This cold front will bring single digit temperatures into the area as overnight lows, and low teens as high temperatures through Sunday night. Behind this cold front, a strong high-pressure system will cause less snow and a clearing of the clouds. The sunshine will not last as Sunday night into Monday morning a low pressure system moves in bringing clouds and snow. A positive to the snow will be temperatures will climb back into the upper 20s to start the work and school week.

Friday Night


Saturday Night

Low: 3-8F

Cloudy with occasional snow bands

Winds: NNW 16-21 mph

Chance of Snow: 60%

High: 11-16F

Clouds with stray snow showers


Winds: WNW 12-17 mph


Chance of Snow: 40%


Low: -1 to 4F

Mostly Cloudy to Partly Cloudy

Wind: WNW 10-15 mph

Chance of Snow: 20%


Sunday Night


High: 15-20F

Partly Cloudy

Winds: WSW 4-9 mph

Low: 13-17 F

Partly Cloudy to Mostly Cloudy

Winds: SSW 5-10 mph

Chance of Precipitation: 20%

High: 27-31 F


Winds: SSE 8-13 mph

Chance of Snow 40%

Total Accumulation: < 1

Forecaster: Mark Salzwedel

Forecast Issued: Friday February 12th, 2016 5:35 PM EST


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