Campus Weather Forecast

Central Michigan University

Discussion: Good afternoon Chippewa’s. This weekend is going to be a great weather weekend to stay inside and study for those final exams! We have another system coming into our area tonight that will bring a slight chance for some showers overnight. We will be mostly cloudy on Saturday and we will have a weather system move in Saturday night that will last into Monday morning. It looks like the main threat from this system is going to be very heavy rain with the potential for some flooding out there. There might be some thunder and lightning from this system, but nothing severe. Stay dry, Chippewa’s and good luck on your finals next week!

Friday Night


Saturday Night

Low: 42-45°F


Cloudy with a slight chance of showers


Winds: N 2-6 mph


Chance of Precipitation: 40%


Precipitation Total: ~ .02 ”

High: 56-59°F


Mostly Cloudy


Winds:  NE 5-9 mph

Low: 40-43 °F


Cloudy and Showers Likely


Chance of Precipitation: 80%


Precipitation Total ~ 0.5-.75 ”


Winds: E 7-12 mph



Sunday Night


High: 42-45°F


Cloudy with Rain Showers


Chance of precipitation: 100%


Total Precipitation: 0.75-1 ”


Winds: E 10-15 mph


Low: 39-42°F


Cloudy Rain likely with T- storms possible


Chance of Precipitation: 80%


Total Precipitation: 0.75-1 ”


Winds: E 10-15 mph


High: 61-64 °F


Cloudy Rain + T storms possible


Chance of Precipitation: 60%


Winds:  NE 8-12 mph


Forecaster: Chris Waechter

Forecast Issued: Friday, April 28th, 2017 3:00 PM EDT


Meteorology Program at Central Michigan University  AMS Chapter at CMU