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Good afternoon CMU. A longwave ridge is present over our area with a couple weak shortwaves expected to make their way over our area during the weekend. The first of these systems is expected to impact the campus community Friday night into Saturday morning. Not much is expected as far as accumulations go, and up to an inch is possible. There is a miniscule possibility of freezing drizzle due to the temperatures lingering at or slightly above freezing. On Saturday night another weak low moves into our area bringing yet another chance for snow. There is a bit higher chance for this system as well as accumulations expected to be higher as well. After these systems move out, we become quiet again as winds calm down and Sunday into Monday looks like it will be nicer for us. Overall, temperatures and wind will not vary much and will remain close to average for much of the weekend.

Friday Night


Saturday Night

Low: 28-31F

Winds: ENE 10-15 MPH

Cloudy with snow flurries

20% Chance of Precip.

T-.1 of Precipitation

High: 34-38F

Winds: E 5-10 MPH

Mostly Cloudy with snow flurries

30% Chance of Precip.

T-1 of Precipitation

Low: 28-32F

Winds: N 0-5 MPH

Snow Showers

50% chance of Precip

T-2 of Precipitation


Sunday Night


High: 36-40F

Winds: NNW 5-10 MPH

Cloudy to Partly Cloudy

10% Chance of Precip.

Low: 28-31F

Winds: NNE 5-10 MPH

Partly Cloudy

0% Chance of Precip.






High: 34-38 F

Winds: ENE 5-10 MPH

Partly Cloudy

0% Chance of Precip.


Forecaster: Andrew Potter
Forecast Issued: Friday December 9th, 2022 at 1:00 PM

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