Campus Weather Forecast

Central Michigan University

Discussion: After feeling the sting of winter cold air overnight, we will be heading back to a warming trend to end the week. Lows will dip down into the low teens and recover nicely on Thursday, ahead of an approaching trough that will eventually be bringing chances of wet weather into the Mount Pleasant area through Saturday. Along with periods of rain, we will see southerly winds bringing our temperatures back up to average on Thursday, then well past average on Friday as the warm front associated with the system moves over Mount Pleasant. By Saturday, highs and lows return to seasonable levels.

Wednesday Night


Thursday Night

Low: 12-15F


Mostly Clear


Winds: Light and Variable

High: 42-45F


Partly Sunny


Winds: SSE 5-11 mph, weakening into the evening

Low: 34-38F


Clouds Increase into Evening, Chances of Showers Increase in Overnight Hours


Winds: SSE 4-7 mph


Chance of Precipitation: 60%


Precipitation Total: Less than 0.2


Friday Night


High: 58-62F


Cloudy with Scattered Showers


Winds: SSW 6-12 mph


Chance of Precipitation: 40%


Precipitation Total: Less than 0.1


Low: 37-40F


Overcast, Rain Showers


Chance of Precipitation: 70%


Total Precipitation: 0.05-0.15


Winds: WSW→ENE 4-9 mph

High: 39-44F


Occasional Rain Showers


Chance of Precipitation: 80%


Total Precipitation: Less than 0.2


Winds: ENE 10-15 mph


Forecaster: Heather Richards

Forecast Issued: Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017; 10:05 PM EDT


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